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 "As long as we treat we get weaker bees who can only survive if we treat, and stronger parasites who can only survive if they breed fast enough to keep up
with our treatments."
- Michael Bush, Bush Bees.

Swarm Removal 


 As much as we would love to catch every swarm in the country, we know that is not feasable.  Please use the search tool below to find the beekeepers closest to your location.  If your unable to find someone to help you in your area give us a call at 888-458-0005 and we will see if it is possible for us to help you out.  (Barney's usually up for a road trip!)

Before you call a beekeeper to remove a swarm make sure they are honey bees. Yellow jackets and wasps are often mistaken for honey bees.  See this identification guide for informaion.


Please Click Here for more infromation on swarms.  We will have some pictures and videos of swarms we have caught available soon!!!! 



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